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VAB believe in something bigger than ourselves. We want to change the way businesses show up & market their offerings by placing the focus on the humans that make the business.

We do this with CORE VALUES in mind:

Honesty & Open Book Approach.


Women’s right to equality of Opportunity & Success.

Diversity is to be celebrated.

Women cheering other women in business!

What if?


VAB was created from a place of – “We can do so much more”.

One of the first things we hear from fellow creatives is about the time & effort it takes to sign up clients consistently as a one-woman show. 

The other is about the frustration of being a part of, or seeing only one part of the brand development process… or even worse – seeing our clients take an epic product we’ve made and not succeeding when we know they should.

As a collective of creative minds we can offer so much more to our clients. We can be a part of the entire picture.

While we can all make it on our own; we choose to belong to the right tribe, so we can support and be supported along the way to professional success. That’s what makes us VAB-u-lous!

So Why Join Us?


There are many ways of collaborating in the business world.

There are many ways of growing your business.

Our way is clear & simple and offers you this…


As a creative business owner consistency of work can be hard to achieve – Being a VAB member will significantly fill those gaps.


Having an army of creatives to work with you on any client’s project places you at an advantage point to your competition. You have way more to offer your clients – saving them precious time while making you look like a badass wonder-woman!


You won’t have to walk it alone anymore – with so many creatives working together for the same goal you’ll be supported and guided when needed the most. As well as all those marketing shout outs on all of VAB’s socials promoting it’s members anyway possible.


VAB Founder

Adas’ been a professional Brand photographer for years, working closely with many local business owners in and around the East Sussex and Kent areas (99% of which were always women in biz) and getting more and more sucked into the fabulous world of Branding. 

As a WHY? And WHAT IF? thinker, she decided to learn all that there is to learn about how to develop a personal brand that actually makes sense and speaks directly to those desired ‘ideal clients’ we all want more of. 

Becoming a PERSONAL BRAND IDENTITY Strategist was a natural next step; but that was not enough either… The clients always needed more services, more consistency and support. 

What was missing was all those wonderful things that other creatives do and once she found some of the best in the business to collaborate with, the concept of VAB began to take form. 

So instead of always sending clients away, having to repeat their business concept over and over again and hope it doesn’t get lost in translation… why not provide them with that consistency and talent all in one place?! Not to mention saving them precious time and resources! 

So VAB is here to do all that! And we are always on the lookout for more brilliant creatives to join forces with us…

(Take a look at some of the amazing team already on board HERE).

Who are we looking for?

What a VAB-u-lous VAB member – (in no particular order of importance):

• You run your own business, offering high quality services.

• You get excited about new creative projects.

• You are passionate about what you do and take pride in your accomplishments.

• You heard of this ‘box thinking’ everyone is talking about, but with your creativity, there’s never a box – there’s no limit to the imagination.

• You celebrate your client’s success and love the idea of strong women taking over the world.

• Your life is instantly made better when you hang out with likeminded humans – with coffee in hand.

• You are kind, respectful and a fan of females (or those identifying as one) coming together to make some magic happen.

• You speak your mind and don’t shy away from less than perfect expressions of passion (we throw in those f’s whenever necessary)!

• You know that fun is a must in everything we do and does make work a whole lot better.